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On-line registration system and ERP system

1. On-line registration system

Function and features:

Fully customized as required by the customer and has user-friendly interface; it can memorize, locate and remind (if the registration is closed after half of the contents are filled in, these will be memorized if the applicant comes back; and a reminder letter will be sent to the applicant to come back to current page to continue); a PDF registration form will be generated and verification password will be produced automatically and sent to the person who recommend the applicant.

2. Customized Lightweight ERP System

Function and features:

Low cost, customized as required. Based on deeply understand on actual working environment:
(1) it can fully understand the actual situation: such as delayed at the Customs, pre-LCL or functions other large-scale ERP systems cannot customize freely.
(2) helps customer with solutions and solves frequently happened problems.
(3) Implements ERP step by step according to the receptivity of the customer. It can match well with the actual situation and steps implemented by the customer.